20th September 2018

Gallivanting on the continent till 27th Sept.

I’ll be far to busy getting my hands dirty to check my email or phone, but will respond to session requests when back in town. Eris
15th September 2018

THE CURE / A Happy Ending

Liquid ice, that infernal northern combination of rain and hail, pelts the lash gashes on your bottom and shoulders. Cold. So cold. Even the blood drops […]
15th August 2018

Back in London

Limited availability till late September, and mostly reserved for my wonderful regulars. But do try me, it doesn’t hurt to ask. Or rather, it might… Eris
5th August 2018

Away until 15th August

Yes, I did say I’ll stay in London for the rest of the summer, but some offers are just too exquisite to refuse. You may deal […]