I am a trans masc top and switch with an immaculately filthy mind specialising in fantasy role-play and gender bending intwined into intense BDSM practices, like CP and torture, or hot kinky trysts.

While highly professional, I'm here to enjoy myself, and do not make rigid distinctions between my playtime methods and vocational sessions.

When I play with you we are bandits riding together into the wilderness with danger and adventure pulsing through our veins, exploring uncharted territories.

I will expertly take you apart, exposing your baser self. Striped of inhabitation you will turn into a fiend, fallen angel, naughty brat, warrior, a greedy girl, daddy’s good boy, growling beast, warden, inmate, shameless hussy, cherished pet.

I will transform you into everything you crave.


Like the most of the alluring mythological creatures, I defy gender. I was born with a cunt and played and worked as an androgynous mistress and switch bitch for over two decades, until in 2023 I had a chest reconstruction and transitioned into my current trans -masc incarnation.

I am 44, and am an avid player since my delinquent youth. My striking good looks, raw sexual energy and husky whisky voice and accent are a captivating mixture of the warm and the tough, the tender wanton and rough, the camp cruel intimate and cool.

I have a muscle bound-body and a delectable ass, smouldering brown eyes, dark mullet / mohawk, striking tattoos and an extensive collection of cocks.

A natural born story teller, I delight in shape shifting into roles such as: a dirty tough biker, rigid military officer, degenerate headmaster, handsome spy, greedy sailor boy / ruthless shipmaster, medieval monk, nasty professor, leather daddy, haughty gangster, insatiable gay cruiser, corrupt guru or jaded freedom fighter..

When inspired, I also wield my arsenal of wigs hats corsets harnesses fetish knickers and heels to feminise playmates and myself into sluts and warrior princesses.

While my heart belongs to rough trade, I am a cerebral hellcat and possess a wealth of cultural and intellectual capital which I mischievously deploy to win or lose every battle of wills.


I hail from a small military dictatorship and extensively sampled the world’s finest hives of perversity before falling head over heels with London on the dawn of the new millennium. My taste for and training in BDSM were acquired between westeren Europe and the pacific in the late 1990’s, and I haven’t stopped since. On my latest expedition into gainful kinkstering I was renowned as Mistress / Switch Eris Bent, until transitioning in 2023. I am fully and uselessly employed in the arts, so making the world a spunkier place is the spiked icing on my cake.