17th January 2021

January scenario: GLADIATOR X

The year is 2048. England have deteriorated into abject poverty and chaos, where only a tiny tech-rich minority still enjoys relative affluence and safety in fortified […]
13th November 2020

November scenario: THE BLACK MONK

The rag in the hallways is greatly in need of a good brush. You are uncertain what is more outrageous: finding the threshold to the quarters […]
2nd October 2020

October scenario: You can’t get good drones any more

In this scarcely habitable world where a rogue algorithm has rendered most mammals into life support systems for malign virtual data, fleshy humanity is a fiercely […]
1st October 2020

Kinky poetry

This is sonnet composed, correctly memorised and wittily recited by Richard for our incubus / succubus session. Share the perv. Of Hecate “Can I do you […]