3rd June 2017

THE CURE 6 / Fire Eater

The bus is pitch dark. Blaze uses a long BBQ match from her kit to light a battered storm lamp and a couple of Mexican sugar […]
3rd June 2017

Back from my latest adventure.

Can’t say I feel rested, as this trip was a roller-coaster of kinky rides and general filth. But now I am determined to maintain the high […]
19th May 2017

Got my hands full till Friday the 2nd of June

Going travelling with a lucky pervert, and it’s highly unlikely I’ll be checking my phone or email. If you wish to ensure availability upon my return, […]
17th May 2017

THE CURE 5/ Peep Show Carnival

You splash cold water on your face. Your eyes in the vanity mirror look heavy hooded and haunted. Your hands seem to belong to someone else; […]