25th November 2017

THE CURE 10 / Immaculate Infection

Three massive fingers, clad in industrial black rubber join your tongue. Their first port of call is your mouth. Already chafed from the ministrations of Blaze’s […]
31st October 2017

THE CURE 9/ Her Mental Cyborg Brother

Her brother. You can see the resemblance. The mutilated boy is a younger male version of your circus freak capturer. Lanky and nervy where she’s powerfully […]
10th October 2017

Off on a perving expedition. Back on Wed 18th Oct.

Who knows, I might share some of the dirty details in my next story blog. Feel free to email or text with session requests, but keep […]
2nd October 2017

My little stallion

It’s time for me to receive a tribute of a spunky new pair of leather horse riding boots. One of the attached. Black. Size 7.5 / […]