Away Monday 5th – Sunday 18th Feb

THE CURE 11 / Dr. Strangeglove
11th January 2018
THE CURE 12 / Inside Woman
1st February 2018
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Away Monday 5th – Sunday 18th Feb

And no, I won’t be responding to emails or answering my phone while basking in the sunshine.

Will be taking bookings again from the 19th onwards, and still have a couple of openings awaiting the right candidate before the end of February.

However, in order to avoid disappointment, I strongly advice to contact me before I set off.

Kindly remember: I do not welcome unsolicited phone.

An honest and even marginally creative or witty email would greatly improve your chances to meet me in the flesh.

While a pre-session conversation over the phone is sometimes possible, it must be preceded by an introductory text message.

All of the dire warnings above are for hopeful strangers of course, not my extraordinary regulars.

You know the score, don’t you?

Eris Bent