Back in action: Come ride my throbbing imagination!

Pandemic playtime: portrait 1
13th March 2020
September scenario: THE INCUBUS
7th September 2020
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Back in action: Come ride my throbbing imagination!

The last months were long, hard and bizarrely, chaste. But now that the curve was flattened, it’s time to unleash all that pent up twisted passion.

From next week starting 22nd June I will be taking bookings again. While you must comply to the letter with my Covid19 safety measures, I had bent my enormous imagination to plotting deliciously extricating ways to play in the flesh while keeping contamination at bay.

Gagging for it? Go ahead and sent a session request to my new email: 

If you are shielding, isolating, or stranded, ask me about remote play options and other strange and unnatural things.

Last by not least: Thank you, all my lovely regulars and former clients, who wrote to ask after my well being.