15th June 2018

Out of town till Monday 25th June

Nearly fully booked that week, but I do have one opening, either on Thursday 28th or Friday 29th of June. Sorry to have disappointed so many […]
27th June 2018

Back in the big smoke! Suntanned & adventure marked

Thrillingly employed for the rest of this week, but still open to suggestions for the latter part of next week and weekend. To all you keen […]
24th July 2018

THE CURE 14 / Kraken Cock

Chained to a hook in the ceiling, bound by the colonel’s grip on your mind and the leather troopers’ well oiled machine guns, something stirs inside […]
5th August 2018

Away until 15th August

Yes, I did say I’ll stay in London for the rest of the summer, but some offers are just too exquisite to refuse. You may deal […]