I session in fully equipped dungeons in east and north London and venture on out calls to hotels and private residences.

RDomestic settings and excursions to parties and saunas may be arranged upon request.


Come get spanked, caned and fucked by a leather daddy like a good boy or dirty dirty slut!

BeStretch our horizons with a gender bending switch! Go on dates to gay saunas and kinky parties!

Explore your trans or fem fantasies with a hot pervert who really gets you and gets off on this!

Are you able and willing to bend to my throbbing schedule? Since professional BDSM sessions and kink encounters are titillating escapades rather than my main employment, I am highly selective and requests must be made well ahead of the desired booking date. Keep an eye on the availability windows announced via my blog, and bear in mind that I rarely respond immediately, and my next openings might be anywhere between one week to two month from your request’s date.

Exercise restraint: Fantastic things come to these who wait!


I conduct all initial communication by email:

Upon confirmation of our session I will give you my phone number and ask for yours. Do let me know if you require extra discretion such as a specific time slots for exchanging text messages.


You might be after a singular experiment a series of sessions or an enduring relationship, but if you have read so far you are halfway there: Intelligent, curios, daring, and likely expanding your own horizons and gendering. Reading between the lines you would have already gathered that while I require adequate payment I can afford to priorities quality and compatibility over quantity.

Let ME be the judge of what qualities I desire in our kinky encounters. Yes, variations on leather daddy / slut scenes, intricate narratives, CP and torture are powerful drivers for me, but it's the right dynamics and attitude rather than practice that gets me all hot and bothered. I want you committed but playful, naughty yet respectful, truly thrilled by who I am and what I can give, take, and receive. You do NOT have to be a seasoned player: I am rather fond of defiling beginners.