I session in multi-room fully equipped dungeons in Bloomsbury (Russell Square/Holborn/Euston) and North London.

Regulars may also see me in Paddington.

Domination and switch wrestling sessions will be conducted in a private studio.


Be concrete when you contact me. I require you to divulge sufficient information for me to ascertain if we are right for each other and prepare for our meeting. I grant everyone a personal and thorough reply, but by no means provide free email, text or chat sessions.


I conduct all initial communication by email:

I sometimes take my time responding. Exercise restraint. Fantastic things come to these who wait.

I prefer to receive a request at least 24h before the suggested date. I have a rich and busy life, and want to give our session my undivided attention.

Upon confirmation of the session, I will give you my phone number, and ask for yours. Do let me know if you require extra discretion, such as a specific time window for exchanging text messages.


If you read so far, you are halfway there. You are intelligent. Curios. Daring. Open minded. A seeker of subversive pleasures.

If you read between the lines, you know that I demand your money, but I can live very well without it.

If we do not share enough interests, or if you are after a generic mistress, it's best we do not meet.

I invest a tremendous amount of energy, thought, talent, skill and passion in every session, and am determined to keep this intensity alive and kicking.

Hence, only accept a limited number of requests, opting for quality rather then quantity.

You don't have to be an especially hardcore, sophisticated, or seasoned player. In fact, I'm rather fond of beginners. It's the right dynamics and attitude that tickle my fancy. You have to be truly up for it. Fully engaged. Committed but playful. Naughty yet respectful.

While highly professional, I'm here to enjoy my self, and do not make rigid distinctions between my life-style play methods and vocational sessions.

I want you open to taking what I can give, and appreciative of who I am and the mind blowing experiences and experiments we can have together.