7th August 2017

Out of town till 16th August

You are more then welcome to send enquiries about booking me from the 16th onwards, but keep in mind that I won’t be answering my phone […]
24th June 2017

On tour till Sunday 2nd July. Expecting to return with shiny new tools.

Kindly pardon me for not being contactable while away. Will be busy diligently testing the goods…
19th May 2017

Got my hands full till Friday the 2nd of June

Going travelling with a lucky pervert, and it’s highly unlikely I’ll be checking my phone or email. If you wish to ensure availability upon my return, […]
3rd August 2015


I have a life long fascination with labyrinths, port towns, and of course, castles and dungeons. Imagine my delight when I first visited Edinburgh last summer, […]