1st July 2015

I had my hands full when you called

Since I launched this site my phone rang 63 times. I only answered 4 calls. Would you like to know why? When you rang I was: […]
21st October 2016

THE CURE 1 / Setting the scene

They say there is a cure. A remedy which will dissolve the invisible fences constructed out of the subject’s mind and flesh, the prescribed bliss and […]
25th April 2017

THE CURE 4/ The wages of carnage

Your eyes, what’s wrong with your eyes? You don’t need to sleep much. But you feel that time has to be marked, contained and divided, or […]
1st August 2017

All booked up till Monday! & a few stern words about requests etiquette:

Dear speculative clients: please stop calling me asking for same day sessions. Both the unscheduled phone call and the request to see me NOW are clear […]