I had my hands full when you called
1st July 2015
14th July 2015
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The tempting invitation from my fiendish friends reached me when in a somewhat delicate position – attempting to find sexy yet stomping friendly boots. By no means an easy mission. Believe you me. Since I am always delighted to get together with the said double hotties, I accepted the offer to be a peace keeper at their up coming party. Unlike my usual inquisitive style, I made a commitment without paying much attention to the small print. This is because I was distracted. My phone vibrated just as I encountered freak of nature: a pair of THIGH HIGH WELLIES.

The hybrid creature was the regulation bulky shiny rubber till it reached ankle hight. At this point it transformed into tight suede leather snaking over the knee and beyond. To add insult to injury, the entire creation was in two distinctive shades of blue.

Glasto being over, what freakish occasion would suit such deranged foot wear?

Diverting my attention from the offending item, I reread the invitation text.

Thus I discovered that the party In question is all about water sports.

Suddenly, the blue water proof monstrosity made all the sense in the world.



Will Eris wear the boots from hell in broad chandelier light? How many man does it takes to drain a women? Are gold platforms a stripper’s best friends? How did the French man lose a hand? All will be revealed in the next post .