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1Q: You seem to be really into fantasy. Which role play scenarios do you find hottest?

A: On my greatest hits list are: Pony play, Aversion therapy, confession, blackmail, audition, mesmerizing and indoctrination, correction, breaking and entering and interrogations scenes.

I also excel in re-enacting historical, mythical futuristic biblical, the occult, literary and cinematic themes. Naughty business man and politicians, spies, crime lords, pirates, private school boys, mercenaries and sailors (a discount for
Jean Genett fans!) are some of my most beloved victims.

All characters appearing in my scenes are fictitious. All acts performed are safe sane and consensual. Any resemblance to real life practices or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

2Q; I think I would like being dominated, but never tried it before. Do you see first timers?
A: Of course! Curios about being dominated, teased, disciplined, bound, and blindfolded?Turned on by the prospect of erotic pain but afraid of being recklessly trashed? Want to be properly fucked in the arse by a cunt? Got a scenario or a fetish you want to explore? Want an experienced player to show you the ropes? Drop me a line. You will never look back.
3Q: I'm an experienced slave/ heavy sub / bottom. Are you a strict disciplinarian?
A: What an impudent question! While I enjoy a rich spectrum of roles, I relish the exquisite rush of giving pain, And am an accomplished corrector and merciless in dishing out well deserved punishment. I get an extra kick out of making you take it harder - right across your threshold.
4Q: What do you mean by Gender Bender / Androgynous?
A: If what you want to know is what bits I have, I can tell you that I got 1 vagina, 2 breasts, and an anus gratis, and a collection of beautiful cocks I had to shop for.
5Q: Do you play with couples?

A: Yes please! Three is the golden number for many fantastic scenes, and playing with couples is one of my favourite recreational activities.

I'm a genuine pan-sexual, and had the privilege of giving many stunning women and a few good man an addictive first taste of the delights of bi – curios sex and team play.

Since 3 way sessions are a true vice of mine, I am adept in getting the dynamics just right. Creating a hot, intimate and fun atmosphere, where everyone is thoroughly desired, respected - and fucked.

6Q: Are you a sub?

A: No. While I do bottom, and can get off on taking it as hard as you can give it and being expertly seduced into losing control, I’m a terrible sub.

I'm incorrigible, prone to making critical commentary, swearing and chuckling mid session. I have no interest in and do not practice unprotected cock worship, and am very particular about the kind of pain I receive. If this sort of bottom is what you are after, let's give it a go, but let it not be said I didn't warn you...

7Q: What kind of protection do you use?
A: Everything on at all time. No penetration of any orifice – yours or mine – without a nice well lubricated latex second skin on.
8Q: How about a dinner date, an evening out or a night in?

A: By all means! I truly enjoy getting to know fascinating new people and am a gifted communicator with a wide range of interests and passions.

I can guide you through London's most infamous or underground fetish scenes, or, partake in an evening of gourmet cuisine, theatre, art, film and literature.

I can assure you that our time together will be a stimulating night to remember – with that extra furtive kinky twist.

9Q: Do you offer Girlfriend experience?
A: Depends on your definition. I don't kiss or offer any unprotected sexual encounter. However, I strive to create a genuine intimate bond with the people I see. It's a real intense experience we have together. And I care about you. I am interest in who you are and how you are doing. I expect you to enjoy making me happy. I am fully my self, involved, and present. I suspect this is a better deal then you'll get from most girlfriends...
10Q: Do you have any extras?
A: No. I reserve my nasty surprises to other aspects of our time together. See the rates specified according to the different types of sessions I offer.
11Q: Why don't you show your face in your pictures?
A: This is currently a pleasurable side line for me, and I requires a certain degree of discretion regarding my activities. Naturally, I also guarantee similar consideration on my part preserving your own privacy. Serious candidates will be granted access to my face photo, and we can have a chat before setting up an appointment.