27th November 2015
19th May 2016
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Technically, I hate Christmas.

Wholesomely awkward family gatherings and people turning up for fetish parties draped in tinsel being my idea of offensive behaviour.

But despite my best efforts to play the Grinch, I seem to always have delightful time during the festive season.

A white Christmas eve in the Alps fucking an Irish red head by the fire in a ski chalet, with her boyfriend turning up early and put on roast chestnuts duty while chained to a blazing fireplace; A sweaty Christmas day in a dusty red desert, with a pretty boy kneeling by the Harley and sucking my cock before we ride into a mining town; and a rather boozy and far from cosy weekend in a derelict castle near Toulouse come to mind.

So yeah. Christmas is what you make of it. Or rather, it’s what we subvert it into.

This year I feel like exploring the camp side of the holiday spirit.


One lovely gent has already made me radiant with joy by serving as my live Christmas tree, with fairy lights secured to his skin by a dozen strategically placed needles.

It was a very special session, and like all worthy experiments, it left me with a taste for more.

I now fancy expanding on the theme of human light sculptures, dangling shiny objects, booby trapped gifts, deeply embedded treats and cracking humour.

My ultimate goal would be animating the light feature with a Neon Wand, or even better, a remote E-Stim kit: so I can make you dance a little festive jig while honesty claiming that I didn’t lay a finger on you.

Mind, you can rest assured I would have much more the a finger IN you. The icing on my Christmas pudding would be making your cock glint and sparkle with a fat Sound opening you up.

I am available this Sunday, on Christmas eve after 8pm and on Sunday the 27th.

If you are in town and family obligations -free, drop me a line and we can plan a hot and amusing Yuletide session.

The implements required for some of the torments described above will be your Christmas presents to me. My gift to you will be an unforgettable 2 hour session for the price of 1.5 hours if you come bearing one of the electric stimulation devices bellow, and a surprise keep-sake if you will present me with the sounds set.

This is a recommended shop to purchase all of the above, with helpful and knowledgeable staff that will make sure you get it right:

Heglaer Sounds


Neon Wand


E steam remote kit


And while on the topic of gifts: thank you T, for the beautifully medieval traditional cat of 9 tails flogger! I’m sure you still carry the marks of my appreciation.