9th September 2015
28th October 2015
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This is a documentation of me having a brainwave moment while getting ready for a kinky night. The source of inspiration was someone bringing up a topical matter involving allegations concerning a pigs head, an exclusive academic institution, and a senior politician.

It’s always highly satisfying when life is stranger then fiction. Or, more accurately, when scenarios hitherto imagined as fantasy or a conspiracy theory make the headlines. While one has to keep in mind that much of the information peddled by the media isn’t , strictly speaking, true, it’s still rather entertaining to sit on the train and read about a highly placed individual partaking in rather juvenile cult rituals directly out of ‘Black Mirror’. Or, even more aptly, from ‘The Illuminatus!’ Trilogy, a satirical discordian conspiracy theory work of fiction published in the 70th by authors who hooked up while working for Playboy magazine. There is no doubt in my mind that every BDSM practitioner, upon reading about the latest scandal involving a hog and a powerful political figure, had a bit of a private cackle. I mean, it’s such a classic humiliation scenario, you got to love it. An interesting reading of said scandal, true or false, is the notion of using the tradition of initiation rituals as a Sword of Damocles to hang over the heads of others in influential positions. So, in effect, all keep each other in check of fear of the Pandora’s box of secrets being opened.

Naturally, I could hardly contain my mirth. But we mustn’t forget that this also serves as a dire warning of the perils of sexual taboos : while it’s right and proper that captains of industry and state will be exposed and punished for acts such as paedophilia, rape and sexual harassment, abuse of power relationships and pain old hypocrisy, why should a display of sexual imagination, however lame, be punished rather then rewarded?

Providing the creature in question was already dead, and not butchered for the occasion, this was probably one of the most harmless headjobs I the history of Oxbridge.

The reason you can observe me appearing both ready for action and highly amused, is that when the topic came up, I instantly conceived of a brilliant take on this scene: a REVERSE re-enactment. MurderMile3Murdermile1That is, forcing a human pig to face – fuck a realistic head cast of my politician of choice.

So, this is a call out for a creative hog to provide me with such a prop. Said pighead will be rewarded with a very pleased mistress and and extra long and hard session.