Off on a quest! Back next month with the treasure chest.
1st January 2023
Quick, get on my naughty list! In town 20 Dec to 10 Jan
20th December 2023
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Back from my shape shifting quest in a stunning trans masculine form. True, this has taken many months, but I do love keeping you hanging, and a dramatic entrance.

Meet my sculptured chest and spanky pecs!

Now you may:

Call me daddy cruel.

Cum get spanked and fucked like a good boy or dirty dirty slut.

Stretch our horizons with a gender bending switch.

Go on dates to gay saunas and play parties.

Explore your trans or fem fantasies with a hot pervert who really gets you and gets off on this.

I still thrive on enacting intensely and steaming role play scenes and utilising the full pandora’s box of torments and titillations offered here, and not averse to getting in fem drag upon request. However, I am particularly interested in incorporating the above aspects in my sessions while so freshly delighted with my new body.

I will be taking bookings again starting the last week of September. Do keep in mind that I am even busier and pickier than before, so enquiring well in advance and presenting me with a tempting offer would greatly improve your chances.


Thrilled to get back in the saddle!