My areas of interest and expertise are ever expanding, but I do have a personal style and some distinct preferences. While I am a ruthless tormentor, I often remain extremely sensual, humorous and warm. In fact, you'll find me most aroused, even tender, when I make you really really suffer. Having reached my prime and freshly transitioned into my fantasy trans-masc self in my forties, I am particularly delighted in wielding my cocks and canes with bi or gay perverts, feminisation and gender bending sessions. My current interests are:

* Expanding boundaries and taking you beyond your threshold: I relish using and abusing you for my pleasure, breaking your will, causing you unbearable frustration, teasing, torturing, flogging, fucking your mouth and ass, spanking and humiliating you until you are desperate for release. Or obliteration.

* Gender bending role-play fantasies: We shall journey into other skins, historical periods and fantastic realms. See my story blogs for samples of my writing and favourite narratives, beastly inverts and wanton hussies, keeping in mind that most were written pre transition so characters will be altered to reflect my strapping embodiment and roguish temperament.

* Cheeky bottoms and greedy sluts: Are some of my favourite play things. However, while crossing wills and wits I am also terribly demanding and derive exquisite joy from playing with genuine masochists and pounding ravenous holes.

* Doubles and Moresomes: I am truly pan-sexual and shine in the role of a kinky ringmaster, so particularly enjoy using you as my tool with your partner, another submissive or top. Anywhere on the spectrum from intensely intimate role play scenarios, parties and saunas, or gang bang and cum bucket scenes in public dives of ill repute.


A sample of Dom &Top sessions I enjoy and practices I employ.

This is purely a guideline to give you a rough idea of my range and tastes, and by no means a comprehensive account.

If there is a particular practice you seek do not hesitate to ask me about it.


  • Urethral sounding
  • Public play: Exhibitionism and voyeurism
  • Spanking, flogging and caning
  • Electric torture
  • Feminisation
  • Needle play
  • Sensory deprivation and mummification
  • Castration fantasies
  • Water sports
  • Mental and physiological torture
  • Face fucking and sitting
  • Tie and tease
  • Ruined orgasms
  • Anal rape fantasies
  • Trampling
  • Elaborate role play scenarios
  • Play threesomes and gang bangs
  • Temperature play
  • Leather Daddy and boy / slut dynamics
  • Flavours and textures play
  • Filling your holes (“pegging”, deep throat and brain fucking)
  • Anything enticing you or I come up with and have the desire and equipment to indulge


  • Any practice that is not safe, sane, and consensual
  • Anyone who is underage
  • Racist, misogynist, or transphobic scenes
  • Hard sports


  • 1 hour £250 / 1.5 hour: £325 / 2 hours: £400 / 3 hours: £550 / 4 hours: £650 / overnight: £1000
  • No hidden costs or extra charges
  • My Dom sessions do NOT include your cock in any of my orifices (but my switch sessions do).
  • Out-calls: I charge £50 on top of my hourly rate
  • Travelling out of town will be considered only following previous meeting and a deposit covering my travel costs and time