THE CURE 3/ Whatever happened to city boy?

THE CURE 2/ A sucker on a moonless night
28th December 2016
Away till 15th April.
3rd April 2017
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THE CURE 3/ Whatever happened to city boy?

The local news didn’t mention your city boy. So you deducted his mates found him, Out cold. Perhaps delusional. Had a few too many. They would say. Better lay off the booze for a while. When you left him oozing in the alleyway, you weren’t certain. And you didn’t care, either. Penetrating every atom of his body and imprinting his mind with ecstatic doom was so intoxicating, you felt beyond such concerns such as your vessel’s survival.

But later, you did wonder. You felt you should worry about this, consequences. Were you reckless? Feeling invincible is not the same as being untouchable. You told yourself. But this felt like paying lip service to some dying convention. The new order being, do what thou wilt.

Still, you did restrain yourself for three days before going after another victim. And then another. And before long, you were stalking the streets every night.

You learned how to consume your pray while keeping it alive. At times giving him or her unfathomable pleasure, leaving them dazed, yet unharmed. But more often then not, molesting their mind and their body, testing reactions, response , and your powers.

In day light, you hunt in cyber space. exploring and devouring every nuance of the lives of others. Invading there dreams, inventing new nightmare.

It gives you a sense of belonging, of becoming human and many, forever on the edge of extinction.

But you have become reckless.

Although you killed only two of your victims, both despicable characters, much deserving of annihilation, you mimed seven, misjudging the physical resilience of what you perceive as an inferior creature you have out- evolved, and send no less then twenty far off the shores of reason, leaving them to the mercy of institutionalization or starvation.

And your activities are closely monitored.