INTO THE WILD: Expedition to Wales 26/08 – 31/08
26th August 2015
1st October 2015
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A crisp bright day. You can tell it’s September. The tail end of summer anticipating autumn.

This season always makes me a little nostalgic for Amsterdam and Berlin. I am reminded of the flame hues of foliage and blackberry tinted bottoms. The arousing scent of wood fires. The stunning ponies prancing down Fuggerstraße at Folsom Europe street fair.

Yes, ’tis the season to be kinky. And for split second I was toying with the idea of paying another visit to the continent.

But then I took in the last few weeks and the month ahead, and had to admit that frankly, I can barely keep up with the diversion provided at my home court.

August was jam-packed with out of town action; A festive break in Edinburgh, where I fulfilled a fantasy of mine with a game client: playing culture vultures with my victim while making him wear electro cock rings and butt plug set during ‘Thrones! The Musical’. A real crowd pleaser. And the show wasn’t intolerable either. Thank you for urging me to share the inspiration W.

Another riveting adventure was my holiday in Wales. Despite the wrath of the heavens forcing us to reschedule, this was one of the most realistic and elaborate kidnapping scenes I had the pleasure of plotting.

Veering away from the van- to -warehouse tradition, we used blacked out goggles and a fake injury to get away with leading a terrified young man down a pretty sheer cliff completely blindfolded, and had a us midnight human ‘sacrifice’ in a stone circle.

Washing away the filth in the freezing sea on Friday was not my idea of fun in the sun, but definitely contributed to my sense of super human powers and survival of the reckless.

Returning to London, I started my weekend with a bang at Murder Mile studios.

The crowd was so delightful this time round, that I broke my self imposed rule of no play while on DM duty, and gave an alluring young women her first ever flogging, with the help of a truly lovely assistant. I managed to refrain from further hands – on indulgence, containing my self with neighbourhood watch while surveying some beautiful rope suspension, hot scenes, and an incarnation of the dentist from ‘My Little Shop of Horrors’ getting what was coming for him. The latter included the latest addition to my must have list: electro-conductive spiked Vampire Gloves. Does someone makes them rubber coated?

But after we turned up the lights, having demonstrated impeccably restrained behaviour for the best part of 3 hours (a bit of a stretch for me…) I couldn’t resist a grand finale, launching a last minute combined attack on an ecstatically surprised sub.

Considering I have only been back in London for less then 10 days, and also contrived to fit in a few fantastic bookings and an illicit afternoon deflowering, this should have quenched my Europe – craving.

But the world is not enough, right?