20th February 2017

THE CURE 3/ Whatever happened to city boy?

The local news didn’t mention your city boy. So you deducted his mates found him, Out cold. Perhaps delusional. Had a few too many. They would […]
28th December 2016

THE CURE 2/ A sucker on a moonless night

The man’s features are anonymized by the sepia fog. A Burberry trench coat landing him decadent timelessness. He doesn’t notice you as he stumbles into the […]
21st October 2016

THE CURE 1 / Setting the scene

They say there is a cure. A remedy which will dissolve the invisible fences constructed out of the subject’s mind and flesh, the prescribed bliss and […]
21st October 2016


I just realised it’s been month since I last blogged. Gallivanting across southern Europe in the summer, and returning to find a long waiting list for […]