3rd June 2017

THE CURE 6 / Fire Eater

The bus is pitch dark. Blaze uses a long BBQ match from her kit to light a battered storm lamp and a couple of Mexican sugar […]
24th June 2017

On tour till Sunday 2nd July. Expecting to return with shiny new tools.

Kindly pardon me for not being contactable while away. Will be busy diligently testing the goods…
3rd July 2017

Back in town & armed with a beautiful rubber strap-on.

Costume made for yours truly by a stunning and crafty young man. Time to take it for another test ride. Right?    
1st August 2017

All booked up till Monday! & a few stern words about requests etiquette:

Dear speculative clients: please stop calling me asking for same day sessions. Both the unscheduled phone call and the request to see me NOW are clear […]