15th June 2020

Back in action: Come ride my throbbing imagination!

The last months were long, hard and bizarrely, chaste. But now that the curve was flattened, it’s time to unleash all that pent up twisted passion. […]
7th September 2020

September scenario: THE INCUBUS

Ever since that night on the moor when she was a girl of 19, the fateful night which changed her life forever, Eris had been searching […]
1st October 2020

Kinky poetry

This is sonnet composed, correctly memorised and wittily recited by Richard for our incubus / succubus session. Share the perv. Of Hecate “Can I do you […]
2nd October 2020

October scenario: You can’t get good drones any more

In this scarcely habitable world where a rogue algorithm has rendered most mammals into life support systems for malign virtual data, fleshy humanity is a fiercely […]